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Use The Index, Luke!

In Performance on 2010-08-15 at 19:17

Today, I’d like to introduce my new Web-Book Use The Index, Luke. Use The Index, Luke is a guide to Oracle database performance for developers.

Use The Index, Luke! A Guide to SQL Performance for Developers


I started the book because I noticed that almost every existing book or online document on that topic is stuffed with plenty of information that is not relevant to developers.

Although a certain know-how of the database’s internals is required to get the best performance, Use The Index, Luke keeps that information at a minimum and presents it from a developers perspective.

The book is supplemented by the Ask Use The Index, Luke community where further questions of that matter are asked, discussed and answered.

The first chapters of Use The Index, Luke are already online. The remaining parts will be published on a bi- or tri-weekly basis. Follow the RSS feed not to miss the new chapters.

I hope you enjoy reading the existing chapters in the meanwhile.

Do not use offset for pagination. Learn why.

SQL Performance Tuning Book for developers
  1. Hi Mark,

    Enjoyed reading your book, the concepts are well explained. Thanks for sharing it to the open community.


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